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With this revolutionary guide, you will learn 4 simple and effective techniques to release your natural powers for healing. The methods — gentle movement, self-applied massage, breathing exercises, and meditation — are drawn from the ancient Chinese healing practice of Bu Zheng Qigong (Vitality Enhancement Qigong ) and are easily adaptable to every lifestyle and


Do you have a story to share?

Stories and testimonies from people who have had success with Qigong inspire and encourage others along their path. If you have a personal story to share, we would like to include it as a way to share community and information with others. Please send by e-mail.

Learn and Practice Qigong with
The Healer Within Community

Dr. Roger Jahnke

You can begin your Qigong practice today. See the Practice page for tips on how to get started, guidelines for practice, and easy to follow instructions for Qigong practices.

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Start a Qigong practice session in your community
A weekly, community-wide practice session can provide a kind of heartbeat for everyone's independent Qigong practice. And it can be a heartbeat for community improvement as well. Visit out our Getting Started page explaining how to start up a Qigong class in your area. It is packed with information and helpful aids to assist you in setting up a class. We've even included some student handouts and advertising flyers for your use.

Become a Community Practice Leader or Certified Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher
No training is needed to begin sharing Qigong for self-care and health promotion in your community, simply a sincere intent. Nevertheless, some people are more comfortable having attended a training program before they begin leading practice sessions, especially if leading a group is a new experience.

The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Community Qigong Practice Leader one-week training program is offered to address that need. Additionally, this training is appropriate for those who simply want to deepen their personal Qigong practice and learning. For those who wish to become a Certified Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher, Dr. Jahnke offers additional trainings.




Enjoy a Health Renaissance of Mind, Body and Spirit When You Join The Healer Within Community.

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The Healer Within Community is a community that gathers to practice mind, body and spirit awareness and to embody the ideals presented in the book, The Healer Within by Dr. Roger Jahnke. To learn about events and to participate with this community, visit The Healer Within Foundation.

Dr. Roger Jahnke leads certification courses for persons interested in teaching the practices and philosophies presented in the book, The Healer Within. His rich and varied 40+ years of experience in the field of mind-body education make his certification programs distinct and effective. To learn more, please visit the Health Action family of companies.

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