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Abode of the Eternal Tao

Abode of the Eternal Tao publishes The Empty Vessel, A Journal of Contemporary Taoism, a quarterly publication dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of non-religious Taoist philosophy and practice. Enjoy articles, interviews, and feature stories that show how contemporary Qigong and Tai Chi practitioners have incorporated a balance of body, mind, and spirit into their day-to-day activities with art, poetry, essays and reviews of the latest book, tapes and videos on Taoist subjects. Web site sells tools for living the Tao through books, music, DVDs, China trips, and seminars.

American Tai Chi Association - Tai Chi & Health Information

A national non-profit organization that serves Tai Chi professionals in the United States and promotes Tai Chi as a complementary and alternative medicine and therapy and educates the public about the benefits of Tai Chi for health promotion.

Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching

A comprehensive, nationally prominent, and inspiring mind/body healing, health and wellness coaching method for support groups and individual coaching,designed for diverse populations of people who want to regain health, prevent disease, and improve the quality of their lives.

Enhanced Healing

Enhanced Healing is committed to providing the highest quality in relaxation music downloads, relaxation CDs, royalty free music, self esteem CDs, relaxation DVDs and videos and online individual and group counseling services. They also offer Health and Wellness articles from various professionals in the counseling and holistic fields on topics including addiction, self esteem, hypnosis, psychotherapy, counseling, health, relaxation music, self-help and more. is the website of Roger Jahnke, OMD, author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi. You can find out about his upcoming workshops and teacher training programs. Additionally there are articles and resource information available on to inspire your practice. Receive updates on Tai Chi and Qigong research, training and retreat opportunities, insights for your practice, travel to China, secrets of Chinese medicine, offers for downloads and announcements of free teleconferences with the Energy Empowerment newsletter.

Health Action

Comprehensive Productivity Enhancement, MindBody Wellness and Health Promotion, and Integrative Medicine. Through modeling, design, programming and training, Health Action transforms health care through cost-effective collaboration with innovative American businesses.

Holistic Medicine MD

Dr. Robert Pendegrast provides reliable information about holistic remedies, complementary alternative medicine, medicinal herbs, nutrition information, vitamin supplements, medical benefits of exercise, breathing exercises, and what to expect with holistic health care.

Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC)

The IIQTC leads Qigong and Tai Chi (Chi Kung and Taiji) workshops, certification trainings and retreats for: the general public at spas, retreat centers, conferences; medical and fitness professionals at hospitals and medical conferences; and future Qigong and Tai Chi Teachers and Clinical Energetics Practitioners. The IIQTC is active in research and the widespread dissemination of the benefits of Mind-Body Practice and collaborates with numerous universities and major medical and health care agencies.

International Qigong Alliance

The Qigong Alliance is a global grassroots community welcoming and supporting all who practice or wish to learn about Qigong and other forms of Energy-Work and techniques for using Qi (Chi) to create health, balance, and well-being. The Qigong Alliance also sponsors educational tours to China and Tibet to foster cultural exchange, and provide opportunities to learn about Qigong, ancient Daoist Healing Arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Alliance also leads a Qigong Women in the Wildnerness Retreat at the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota.

Into Mountains, Over Streams

Into Mountains, Over Streams, an Online Journal of Qigong and Taiji Culture publishes articles, reviews, and community information in support of the emerging Qigong and Taiji renaissance.

Kahuna Valley

Kahuna Valley is a tax exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to health and wellness education through individual mentoring, group workshops, and large-scale community events, founded by authors, Qigong instructors and Emmy Award-winning Francesco Garri Garripoli and wife Daisy Lee-Garripoli.

National Qigong Association (NQA)

The NQA is a nonprofit organization that embraces and supports all schools, traditions, teaching styles, and philosophies of Qigong and Tai Chi. We are a community of Qigong and T'ai Chi enthusiasts with all levels of experience and we are dedicated to integrating Qigong into all facets of our culture.

Peaceable Dragon

Peaceable Dragon is a consortium of instructors and students of the internal arts who seek to further develop and enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual condition. It is a collaboration of expertise in a variety of styles of Qigong, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Yoga, Aikido, Meditation and other Internal Arts.

Qi Journal

Publication and website for both Qigong and Tai Chi practitioners with a calendar of events, listing of professionals, products for sale. Qi Journal has "real" articles on the topic of Qi, written by those who are currently teaching and practicing the disciplines and who are willing to share their experiences for the advancement of others.

Qigong Association of America

Contains general information about Qigong. Articles, teacher registry, books recommendations, and calendar of upcoming events.

Qigong Institute

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting Qigong through research and education. A clearinghouse for related news and scientific facts to aid researchers, writers, practitioners, and members of the Western medical community.

Relaxed and Alert

The Relaxed and Alert website provides the guidance, tools, and support you need to transition to a happier and more productive lifestyle.

Tai Chi Easy™

Tai Chi Easy™ is a carefully developed method of learning and teaching Tai Chi, created by Dr. Roger Jahnke. The student does not have to devote years to learning the traditional 108 or even a shortened form of Tai Chi, to enjoy the physiological and psychological health benefits of regular practice. Suitable for all ages and health conditions, Tai Chi Easy™ is fun, easy, and beneficial from the very beginning.

Tai Chi Network

An online community of Tai Chi teachers and students seeking Tai Chi instructors. Connecting Teachers and Studios with students is the goal of the The Tai Chi Network.

Tai Chi Society

Offering professional instruction in beginner to advanced Tai Chi and Qigong for over 20 years in Sydney and Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, under the direction of Grand Master Kellen Chia. The Tai Chi Society specializes in the healing properties of Tai Chi.

TCM Advisory

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Taiji, Qigong at Guilin Sino-western Joint Hospital in Guilin, China. Valuing and integrating the legacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Sino-western Joint applies the best of Western and Chinese medicine in its medical service, health care, and clinical research.

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day (WTCQD)

Provides free Qigong and Tai Chi resouces for enthusiasts, teachers, associations, media and health professionals. Find schools and WTCQD events in your area or globally, list your school, association and WTCQD events. Also contains an excellent section on medical and scientific research on Tai Chi and Qigong.


Qigong Introductory Articles

Several articles from Roger Jahnke's web site for people who are new to Qigong.

National Expert Meeting on Qi Gong and Tai Chi Consensus Report

Through funding from the Archstone Foundation, the National Blueprint Office at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the National Council on Aging, and the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi convened an expert meeting which published theConsensus Report. This report highlights the challenges of integrating Qigong and Tai Chi programs into the aging network and identifies the necessary components of an effective program to meet the needs of diverse populations with varying functional abilities. [PDF 921 KB]



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The Healer Within Community is a community that gathers to practice mind, body and spirit awareness and to embody the ideals presented in the book, The Healer Within by Dr. Roger Jahnke. To learn about events and to participate with this community, visit The Healer Within Foundation.

Dr. Roger Jahnke leads certification courses for persons interested in teaching the practices and philosophies presented in the book, The Healer Within. His rich and varied 40+ years of experience in the field of mind-body education make his certification programs distinct and effective. To learn more, please visit the Health Action family of companies.

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