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Some of you will become so enthusiastic about these possibilities for personal and community healing that your activity will overflow into service. Giving yourself to the service of others by sharing the self-healing and health enhancement methods is not complex. At the simplest level you can just share what you have experienced with other individuals who seem interested.

In every ancient culture these practices were taught by mothers and grandmothers to the children. Mentors teach students. Neighbors exchange family secrets. Even in modern America there are nonprofessional, community-based health experts. It is natural for guidance and teaching to be available in a community. Serving and sharing with others is an innate quality of human nature.

For those that want to share these health enhancement methods with others, the desire to do so is all that is required. The dictionary definition of "to teach" does not set restrictions on who can impart knoweldge. Neither does the definition of "mentor" restrict who shall impart wisdom and counsel. There are natural instructors, and obviously, the health enhancement methods of qigong are not complex.

In China, healed or recovered individuals feel strongly that it is their responsibility to repay the "system" for the gift of recovered health. Typically this repayment takes the form of teaching others.The teachers and mentors of self-healing practices are average people. They do not have to be doctors or educators. They are not health industry professionals. They are all simply individuals who become interested in self-healing.

Perhaps you recognize the opportunity for community improvement. if you feel called or if you feel compelled, you are the perfect teacher. Your enthusiasm and your story are your credentials. Your own experience with the self-healing qigong methods will enrich your knowledge, and through your personal evolution in the practice your teaching will improve.

Sample Practice Session Outline

Student Handouts

Below are several handouts that you might find useful to educate and encourage your students about Qigong and the Medicine Within. Other articles are also available on this site.

Brochures and Flyers

Below are several flyers you can use when advertising your class. These files are Microsoft Word documents so you can open them and add in the dates, locations, times and contract information for your classes

Classroom Facilities

Find a centrally located facility with parking, bus access, and wheelchair accessibility. Make a simple proposal to use the space for a weekly gathering of citizens to practice health enhancement. Ensure that the space is available before and after the session so that the healing benefits of social interaction are woven into the design.

No one organization needs to sponsor this unless those who are responsible for the space require it. It is better to request that the space be free as a service to the community or at least quite inexpensive so that the practice sessions costs little to support. Class space may be available in:

  • recreation centers

  • churches

  • libraries

  • schools or universities

  • parks

Advertising your class

  • Send calendar announcements to local media (daily and weekly newspapers, radio television). You can get a listing of these from the telephone book.

  • Place flyers on community bulletin boards.

  • Send announcements to church newsletters or organizations such as the American Center Society, American Heart Association, etc. for inclusion in their newsletters.

  • Send e-mails to friends, family, and co-workers, and ask for referrals.

  • Social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

  • Craigslist





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The Healer Within Community is a community that gathers to practice mind, body and spirit awareness and to embody the ideals presented in the book, The Healer Within by Dr. Roger Jahnke. To learn about events and to participate with this community, visit The Healer Within Foundation.

Dr. Roger Jahnke leads certification courses for persons interested in teaching the practices and philosophies presented in the book, The Healer Within. His rich and varied 40+ years of experience in the field of mind-body education make his certification programs distinct and effective. To learn more, please visit the Health Action family of companies.

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